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Dave Osoff

"Red hot boogie-woogie...the energy that pours from this timeless cut is worth its weight in ivory... 

Osoff is a musical chameleon, capable of swinging from rock, pop, funk and fusion, to R&B, gospel, blues and boogie..." 

   -   Greg Rule, Keyboard Magazine

Upcoming Gigs

Thursday, September 28

Matt Swanton Band

The Fallout Shelter    

61 Endicott St, Unit 23, Norwood, MA

7:00 pm


Friday, September 29

Matt Swanton Band

The Porch 

175 Rivers Edge Dr, Medford, MA 

6:00 - 8:00 pm

Visit the Events page for more info.

'Mosaic' Album Montage - Dave Osoff
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